Multi-cultural, Multi-potentialite.

If culture, talent, and diversity could be morphed into a human, it would be me! Born to Vietnamese/Middle-Eastern parents, raised in South Asia, and nurtured by American/European relatives, I’ve lived and experienced multi-cultures since an early age.

When it comes to talent & experience, I am a teacher, writer, strategist, solo entrepreneur, and freelance tech journalist. I  lead global remote teams and build communication + personal branding strategies for leaders and businesses. 

There’s more. The best bit 👇

✅I hold a BS in Computer Sciences.

✅An MA in English Literature & Linguistics. 

✅A second MA in Media Communications & Journalism. 

Knowledge & Experience

I hold 10+ years of experience in tech.  

My areas of expertise: 

   • Full-stack abilities in marketing & media
   • Digital branding and communication 
   • Corporate communication (int/ext) 
   • Digital project management for agencies
   • Content creation for B2B/IT/SaaS 

My human-centric strategies reduces friction in the buyer’s journey, helps them connect with the business, and become lifetime customers. 

Unique Selling Skills

Technical skills are great, but it's the people skill and soft skill that gets you ahead in a job. My three top skills that sets me apart:

A multi-facet writer & communicator

Research papers, books, scripts, copy, content, news reports, reports, whitepapers, I do them all. Public speaking, negotiations, interviews, persuasion, I've done it all!

Perceptive & insightful

Understanding and navigating different ideas, having the ability to foresee problems, and being insightful are skills I developed in my leadership roles where I worked with diverse teams.

Strategic & solution-focused

Working with new businesses in niche industries, I learned how to be solution-focused instead of brooding over problems and setbacks. If there are roadblocks, there are pathways.

A Glance At my Work


WinPure - UK
Product Marketing Manager
2022 - Present
Joopio - UK
Digital Project Manager & Strategist
2017 - 2022
Data Ladder - US
Content Marketing Manager
2020 - 2021

Get to know more about my roles and achievements working for US & UK companies.


What People Say of their Experience Working with Me

80% of success in any job comes from your ability to deal with people. - Henry Cavill in a TikTok video 🤗

Farah is great and has definitely earned my recommendation! She's a bigger-picture, strategic thinker, and she's also a team player. She has a great attitude and finds a way to make it work! She's demonstrates excellent planning and execution, even with complex initiatives. She also has a remarkable aptitude for commercial and technical concepts
Benjamin Cutler Founder Project Family
Farah's work is impeccable. Every article she delivers astonishes me. She knows exactly what I want, without me needing to explain it. She's incredible! I would definitely recommend working with her.
Tamara Waldmann Transformation Consultant
Farah is a very dedicated individual with great attention to detail. She definitely can keep her deadlines and works extremely well with others. I have found Farah to be supportive and open to questions and suggestions. She has complete knowledge of her subject and is never hesitant to share her knowledge with anyone. Her experience and knowledge makes her a valuable asset. I highly recommend Farah as a valued resource of any team.
Sameen Rahat Project Manager E-Learning
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