Work Portfolio

Strategy, Creative, and Academic Works

Strategy For B2B/IT Products

In my role as a marketing strategist for B2B and SaaS companies, I’ve had the opportunity to drive brand awareness and business growth through a combination of creative strategies. 
I work mostly with small businesses, tech entrepreneurs, and IT companies to create human-centric messaging that resonates with key decision-makers, highlighting the value proposition of the products or services offered. Through a combination of targeted content marketing, account-based marketing, and strategic partnerships, I have helped B2B and B2C companies increase their market share and achieve sustainable growth. 

Strategy For B2C

In my marketing strategies for B2C companies, particularly those run by solo entrepreneurs, I emphasize a people-focused approach. I prioritize building authentic connections and understanding the unique needs of the target audience.  I use relatable language and compelling storytelling to simplify complex concepts, effectively communicating the value and benefits of products or services. By emphasizing the human aspect, I aim to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and overall business success.

Positive Tech Journalism

As a contributor to a reputable newspaper, I had the opportunity to write about positive stories of tech startups driving social change. With a passion for technology and its potential for making a positive impact, I have dedicated my efforts to researching and highlighting the inspiring endeavors of these innovative companies. 

Academic Essays and Reports

Academic writing, whitepapers, reports, I do it all. I have a fascination for writing and creating research-based papers for work and university. Over the past decade, I’ve authored dozens of whitepapers and reports that range from building a startup to relaunching a magazine, from assessing a brand crisis, to writing about informative pieces on business and culture. 

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