Strategy, Creative, and Academic Works

Strategy For B2B/IT Products

In my role as a marketing strategist for B2B and SaaS companies, I’ve had the opportunity to drive brand awareness and business growth through a combination of creative strategies. 
I work mostly with small businesses, tech entrepreneurs, and IT companies to create human-centric messaging that resonates with key decision-makers, highlighting the value proposition of the products or services offered. Through a combination of targeted content marketing, account-based marketing, and strategic partnerships, I have helped B2B and B2C companies increase their market share and achieve sustainable growth. 

Strategy For B2C/Solo Entrepreneurs

In my marketing strategies for B2C companies, particularly those run by solo entrepreneurs, I emphasize a people-focused approach. I prioritize building authentic connections and understanding the unique needs of the target audience.  I use relatable language and compelling storytelling to simplify complex concepts, effectively communicating the value and benefits of products or services.
Through this approach, I develop engaging content, deliver personalized experiences, and establish trust, helping solo entrepreneurs connect with their customers on a deeper level. By emphasizing the human aspect, I aim to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and overall business success.

Contributor of Positive Tech Journalism

As a contributor to a reputable newspaper, I have had the opportunity to write about positive stories of tech startups driving social change. With a passion for technology and its potential for making a positive impact, I have dedicated my efforts to researching and highlighting the inspiring endeavors of these innovative companies. 
By conducting interviews and extensive research, I have brought attention to the transformative solutions offered by these startups in areas such as sustainability, education, healthcare, and community empowerment. Through my contributions to the publication, I have aimed to shed light on the powerful role that technology plays in creating a better future for society.

Academic Essays and Reports

I am thrilled to present my portfolio of academic essays, showcasing my proficiency in literature and communication studies. These assignments highlight my strong research skills, formal writing abilities, and expertise in constructing well-rounded arguments within the realm of academic conventions. In my literature essays, I have explored a diverse range of literary works, conducting thorough research to uncover insightful interpretations and drawing connections to broader social, cultural, and historical contexts.
Through my communication essays, I have delved into the intricacies of effective messaging, analyzing various communication strategies and their impact on different audiences. These essays exemplify my commitment to rigorous research, logical reasoning, and presenting compelling arguments in accordance with academic standards.

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